Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Overdue Update!

Well, its almost June, which means that Jamie comes home in three-ish months! Holy moly it seems like yesterday it was 9 months away!! Since I have been so bad about updating my blog, I will go back to his R & R visit! This picture is the first one I took after he got home. We had my friend Shannon and her husband over for a cook out that night and it was so fun! :) We spent time in Tennessee as well seeing family which was awesome! The next pictures are of Jamie and I and our neice and nephews at the zoo on Easter weekend.

Its very interesting to us how they appear as though they could be our children! HA!! :) Cole, the youngest is the cutest thing ever! Jamie and I now know what our children will look like, because he is a spitting image of Jamie!!

Onto more recent updates. I have really started studying and researching photography so that I can get a really great camera and know what I am doing!:) Work is busy as ever, but thats great because it keeps me busy! Right now its all about counting down days until the fall!!! I promise to update everyone as soon as I can when things come up! :)